Strive for FinTech with Four Steps! SYSTEX Assisted a Centurial Bank in Digital Transformation

The wave of finance technology was coming so powerfully that the only centurial private bank in Taiwan had to endeavor for digital transformation. However due to its limited human resources in finance and IT, the promotion of digital transformation seemed to be beset with numerous difficulties. SYSTEX was an important IT partner of this bank, and once assisted it in establishing core basic engineering for its clearing center. During the course of digital transformation, SYSTEX spared no efforts to help this bank upgrade step by step, such as the construction of digital saving accounts, online transfer, mobile payment and tax payment, online loans and financing services and so on. As a result, this bank was awarded “the Best FinTech Service Bank” by Global Views Monthly in 2019, the best journal brand devoting itself to reporting on knowledge and management in Taiwan.