Global Dealers Management Solutions for Price Inquiry and Negotiation Done in 10 Seconds

This client is a public listed company in Taiwan mainly manufacturing industrial PCs and automatic identification scanners, most of whose products were exported to Europe and Americas. As a result, it had a lot of overseas dealers. After the visit and interviews, SYSTEX observed that the client faced the problem of inefficient daily performance, such as bad communications between employees, information deviation within respective departments, prolix operation process, all of which resulted in insufficient performance and even work delay. In turn, it impacted on price inquiries and quotations responded to dealers. With tailored planning, SYSTEX introduced a global dealer management solution for the client, inclusive of the administrative rules for products, sales, and orders. In the meantime, we assisted in integrating ERP purchase order as well as managing the delivery and cost platform of the factory. We helped to solve the inefficient issues about inquiries, quotations, order placements, manufacture, and cost management.