NEXCOM, the first Industry 4.0 demonstration factory in Taiwan, invited STSTEX to establishing a QC Big Data platform as part of this factory

NEXCOM Co., Ltd., who is committed to becoming a provider of overall solutions for industry 4.0, built the first industry 4.0 demonstration factory in Taiwan in 2018 that showed its ability accumulated in 7 years. NEXCOM’s long-term partner SYSTEX also participated in this event. Through the “Tableau”, which is the data analysis platform that connects the major operation systems of the NEXCOM in “Situation Room” so that NEXCOM does not need to customize the new programming codes repeatedly. The management team can understand thoroughly the key indicators of daily operations through the dynamically adjusted data charts. It took only three months by collaboration of both parties to complete the establishment of difficult QC big data platform afterwards, that increased the capacity of each production line by 13-20% compared to the old factory.