Transparency of production lines in major textile factory together with upgrading of raw materials management, has reduced operation time from 2 hours to 10 seconds

The textile company who is ranked as top 1 of market share in Taiwan, entrusted SYSTEX to assist in the introduction of the process management system for raw materials and finished products. SYSTEX conducted systematic planning and analysis as the first step, prioritized the definition of information sources, and customized 44 programs to meet the needs of the customer's SOW (Statement of Work) as well. During the system test and acceptance phase, SYSTEX professional teams were on standby all the time to assist in solving emergencies. After the system was introduced, this customer successfully controlled the production records and significantly reduced labor costs. In the future, SYSTEX will continue to provide the customer with more cloud services, such as strengthening the introduction of AI technology, realizing the vision of smart manufacturing, and continuing to gain ahead of opportunities and maintain the stable market position in the future textile market.