“Citizen Card App” creates a smart life experience and an intelligent city that satisfies both citizens and businesses

Several years ago, a city in Taiwan began to face challenges of the transformation of traditional industries, the enhancement of public services, the balance between urban and rural areas etc. In order to realize the vision of a smart city at the same time, this city actively cooperated with SYSTEX who has rich experience in digital transformation services, to create the “Citizen Card App” which contains a number of services convenient to citizens. In response to the needs of citizens emerged in recent years, “Citizen Card App” now also provides the functions such as integrated payment, platform for block chain bonus points and integrated marketing system for stores so to create smart and innovative services that satisfy the demands from citizens to businesses.
Over the years of cooperation, SYSTEX’s achievements in assisting the city’s digital transformation are obvious for all to see. The city was recognized as the world’s TOP1 smart city in 2019, and SYSTEX is proud of it. In the future, SYSTEX will continue to be as “people-oriented” and use more user-friendly technologies to assist government agencies to enhancing the quality of public services.