Innovative development of the “Smart Screening Instrument for Sarcopenia” helps reduce the burden on medical care and improve service quality

With the advent of an aging society, “Sarcopenia” has been identified as one of the main causes of elderly disability and the risk of falls. In order to enable the elderly to detect symptoms early so to reduce the burden of medical care, SYSPOWER, a subsidiary of SYSTEX Group, has developed successfully the world’s first set of “Smart Screening instrument for Sarcopenia”. This instrument is in response to the needs of hospitals, combined with the professional knowledge as well as guidance of doctors, and is developed with ultrasound. It equips with standard medical image transmission protocols (DICOM) and can replace the current method that medical staffs are using with code tables or the traditional measurement methods. It provides medical staffs with more diversified interpretation basis as well. People can also easily understand their physical fitness status, and can do training for strengthening or to take treatment earlier so to reach the purpose of preventive medical treatment.