Comprehensive Information Security Protection Network Was Introduced from Ground to Cloud. Client’s Reputation Improved

The business of this specific client extended all over the world. It possessed excellent product R&D capacity, whose developed innovative products often earned extensive recognition by winning domestic and international awards. The client adapted cloud service two years ago to accelerate the process of product R&D. However, information security issues kept annoying this client, and even resulted in extreme loss of business reputation. After understanding its needs, SYSTEX assisted the client in integrating the data in cloud (server), transmission end (Internet) and ground end (terminal equipment) to a central control platform with the application of AI. It enabled the client to analyze the relationship between employee behavior and data flow. Besides, early warnings on high risk data behaviors were sent to reduce the breach risks of business secret. Eventually, the client successfully got rid of the dishonorable reputation through this AI information security solution and gained customer loyalty.