Introducing AI Face Recognition, International Top-tier Manufacturing Company Enhances Factory Security and Optimizes Internal Management

There were thousands of people in and out the client’s plant every day, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and outside visitors included. Even though the company assigned designated personnel to exclusively take care of visitor registration and identity check, it still couldn’t avoid the risk of access permits outflow. People with bad intentions might sneak in when the staff in charge wasn’t paying attention, which greatly troubled the top management of this factory. SYSTEX, after understanding the client’s needs, suggested adapting the application of AI face identification. Through the precise AI identification of facial features, anyone accessing could be identified immediately. What’s more, with two-factor authentication, accesses to highly confidential areas could be strictly controlled. AI face identification, at the same time, could also precisely manage employee attendance records and the checkout procedure at employee’s cafeteria. Safety level of the client’s workplace was enhanced overall while internal management process became more favorable and convenient.