Retail and Logistics

“Integration Service of Cross-Industrial Channels” to Create Multi-Wins Digital Marketing

This client, an automobile dealer, attempted to get closer to car owners and to reach out potential customers with apps. However, the results fell short of their expectations. After deeply understanding the client’s needs, SYSTEX suggested combining “hks”, a mobile preferential app independently developed by SYSTEX tying with Location-Based Service (LBS), with the client’s apps, and further increased customized marketing campaigns according customers’ demand. Meanwhile, the Instant Positioning Service based on LBS of hks could promptly search for preferential information nearby, raising users’ desire to download the app. As for VIP car owners, the app could provide special offers, making VIP customers feel respected and honored. SYSTEX offered the channel integration of cross-industries, enabling car owners to experience the convenience of the app. In addition, the dealer gained satisfaction and loyalty from car owners whereas the retailer attracted more customers. The multi-wins ecosystem management became a successful example of SYSTEX’s digital marketing.