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SYSTEX announces 2021 batch of 8 SaaS Startups, Jointly Pursuing the Digital Transformation Needs in Post-Pandemic Era

To expand the software ecosystem of Taiwan, the fourth batch of “AI+ Generator Program of SYSTEX Corporation selected eight startups with high potentials of international development. Amongst them, “Giftpack”, is an on-demand gifting service that enables sending gifts across the globe with the help of AI data analytics. In addition to saving gift givers 95% of the time on choosing gifts, the service satisfies 92% of gift receivers. “Chimes AI”, providing an NCDP (No-Code Development Platform) to develop AI models, assists multinational manufacturers with completing AI projects in merely three days while improving the reliability of equipment. “Authme” focuses on identity authentication methods with AI to against fraud attacks. It helps drastically shorten the traditional time to “Know Your Customer”, and make the online financial services compliant and rigorous.  SYSTEX and Authme have jointly introduced its solutions into major domestic insurance companies, to satisfy high compliancy in financial sector.

The AGP teams this batch range from fields such as fintech, marketing, manufacturing and entertainment. Based on the characteristics of the selected teams, SYSTEX will assist them in connecting with the clients SYSTEX has served, and help to expand both domestic and international territories.

The COO of SYSTEX AGP, Alice Ling, stated, “AGP in the post-pandemic era will focus on SaaS-based AI startups. Both B2B and B2C business models can take advantage of these innovative SaaS applications, and end-users could benefit from these high efficiency and automation solutions easier. SaaS service model is an international trend, which enables teams to promptly find their international partners and accelerate business development in overseas market.”