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SYSTEX Partners with Far Eastern Group to Establish an O2O Retail Ecosphere

The leading domestic information services enterprise, SYSTEX (TSE: 6214), and the Far Eastern Group have partnered to create convenient shopping services via the Far Eastern friDay wallet built-in “Small Market Shopping" platform that enables users to easily select good quality products or gifts. Users can enter the recipient’s smart phone number, and after the recipient has opened the SMS notification, the recipient can open the friDay Wallet APP and go to > ‘Personal’ > ‘My Gift Box’ to receive the gift. The gift can be exchanged within 50 days in a physical store using the corresponding coupon bar code. As of now, SYSTEX has helped 14 food retail brands in the industry to join the platform as product providers. A total of over 276 product items are available, and they can be exchanged at 718 physical stores.