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SYSTEX Summoned 50 Data Ecosphere Partners to Organize the “Digital Transformation Exhibition"

SYSTEX Group held the “Digital Transformation Exhibition" today (11th) and summoned 50 data ecosphere partners from the finance, retail circulation, and news media fields to integrate the cross-border, cross-domain, and cross-industry technological applications. The exhibition showcased 30 types of innovative and value-added data application services such as account networking applications, financial management robots, smart hotels, all-channel all-payment retail scenarios, C2C installment payment platforms, and cross-border electricity supplier services that represent the diversified appearances of digital transformations for different industries.

The general manager of SYSTEX, Frank Lin, indicated that, “The world’s transformation is accelerating and increasing. The new digital economic ecology from IT information to DT data as well as the traditional business models are constantly being overturned and and flipped. There is no definite game rule, and this poses both challenges and opportunities to enterprises. Therefore, companies must build and learn how to use data to ‘create experiences’ and ‘manage behaviors’ in order to become winners in the future. SYSTEX has been recognized as the best strategic partner for enterprise ‘digital transformation,’ and will invest more resources into the application integration services for the financial, new retail, and telecommunications streaming media fields in the future.