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“Gemini Explore” assists global epidemic investigation organizations to track and analyze the correlation of the confirmed cases

Gemini Data Inc., a startup company invested by SYSTEX, launched the innovative product of “Gemini Explore”. “Gemini Explore” is the world’s first product able to interact with users finding and analyzing data in real time. It can also generate the “Knowledge Graph” according to demands that assists in exploring the various correlations between the confirmed cases and the contacts, and is expected to provide more help in investigating the source and scope of infection. “Gemini Explore” has been supplied for usage by public health agencies in many countries, including Taiwan.

“Gemini Explore” adopts the structure of “Knowledge Graph” that uses semantic search to collect information from multiple sources to enhance the quality of searching and can provide structured and detailed subject information, therefore it is conducive to tracking and analyzing case-related data. In addition, “Gemini Explore” has the design with highly interactive and flexible data chart that not only allows epidemic investigators to easily and quickly present the information on the confirmed cases and able to further identify possible missed cases, but also allows the media and the general public to quickly understand the confirmed cases and epidemic status.

Learn more about how “Gemini Explore” assists the epidemic investigation organizations in fighting with COVID-19: