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SYSTEX assisted PX Mart (Quanlian Supermarket) to create integrated services for smart payments

SYSTEX assisted PX Mart to integrate the first-generation of physical membership card and launched the online payment of “PX Pay”. By binding a credit card or stored-value card, the payment, membership, and reward-points systems are connected all together that not only accelerates the checkout speed, but also provides multiple payment methods and Increases consumer willingness for usage.

Through the connection of the membership system and the payment platform, enterprises can get closer to the demands of members, optimize the shopping experience, increase loyalty of members and create the membership economy. This is also the key for PX Mart to manage the community and grow its sales performance. After the introduction of the “PX Pay” mobile payment system, it has successfully attracted many young consumers who are accustomed to using mobile payment, to become members. It also assisted PX Mart to expand new style of stores.

In just half a year after launching, download number of PX Mart’s “PX Pay” has exceeded 6 million. According to the ranking survey of mobile payment usage conducted by the Institute for Information Industry in 2019, “PX Pay” of PX Mart has been officially advanced to become the third largest mobile payment tool in Taiwan.