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SYSTEX joins hands with Taiwan High Speed Rail to create an exchange platform for reward points

SYSTEX and Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation jointly launch the TGo "Point 365" redemption platform for High-Speed Rail members. That integrates over 60 brands and more than 365 products, covering accommodation, restaurants, parking lots, car rental shops, souvenirs, drinks, convenience stores, and high-quality stores in High-Speed Rail stations, to provide consumers with online redemption of High-Speed Rail member TGo points. In the future, it expects to expand further the scope of cooperation, exchanging and circulating with other reward point platforms, so to create a "cross-region and cross-industry reward point ecosystem". That enhances the use of reward points, increases the value-add for people to ride High-Speed Rail, strengthens consumer loyalty, adhesion as well as satisfaction, and realizes the role of High-Speed Rail as a platform for a better life.