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Young Turing Program won the Model Award of the "Global Views Monthly" Corporate Social Responsibility Award

[May 3, 2021] Focusing on cultivating new generation software talents as the main shaft of corporate social responsibilities, the Young Turing Program (YTP) initiated by SYSTEX was awarded "Outstanding Project-Education Promotion Group Model Award" of the 17th "Global Views Monthly" CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Award. Different from the practice of corporate foundations, YTP is planned and executed by the volunteer team of SYSTEX. The main reason for presenting this award to YTP was that the organizer was impressed by the integrity of YTP plan for cultivating new-generation software talents, as well as the participation of diversified volunteers, including back to alma mater for promotion and the deep companionship learning journey of technical mentors with students.

The chairman of SYSTEX, Frank Lin said, "Now is the era where software defines everything. Software and talents will be the most important force for industrial development and national progress. YTP wishes to meet item 4 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – high-quality education, assist and invest in Taiwan outstanding young software talents to own international visions. Finding young software entrepreneurs for Taiwan is the YTP mission and the SYSTEX commitment to the ESG corporate sustainability."