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SYSTEX showcased five self-owned information security solutions at Cybersec 2021

[May 4, 2021] Entering the post-pandemic era, when remote office and remote conferences have become the new normal for global companies, SYSTEX exhibited for the first time in "Cybersec 2021" the results of cooperation with or technology transfer from information security units of related industry-government-university such as the Institute for Information Industry (III), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), which integrated SYSTEX accumulated years of front-line information security service experience to create five self-owned solutions for information security.

The solutions include the "Cyber Center of Excellence" that uses big data and AI technology; the 7x24 guardian system "Monitor Operation Center" for assisting companies quickly and accurately analyzing problems with fast responses; a service mechanism based on long-term information security monitoring and SaaS subscription service, which effectively assists companies in information security defense training and in talent development by the "Red Alert Information Security Defense Program"; the industry's leading next-generation email protection platform "SESC(SYSTEX Email Security Cloud)", which provides services in a subscription model, and thus solves the most common security threats faced by Taiwan enterprises in their daily operations with comprehensive and diverse protection capabilities and a convenient and flexible application model; and from the perspective of human factors, the "HEIS Information Security Awareness Human Error Insight System", which helps companies strengthen their employees information security awareness, and comprehensively strengthen information security protection.