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GARAOTUS forward to Hong Kong and provide the solution of Genomics Analytics as a Service which improves academic institutes’ HPC computing performance and innovative medical research and development

To expanding the cloud service ecosystem, GARAOTUS, a cloud service brand of SYSTEX Group, joined with local partners in Hong Kong to provide the solution of GARAOTUS Genomics Analytics As a Service into the research of life sciences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and which the use of HPC (High-Performance Computing) technology to maximize resources and accelerate the development to develop disease prevention and innovative treatments, and contribute to human well-being. In the future, GARAOTUS plan to replicate this model of cooperation to medical research institutions around the world, and GARAOTUS's current cooperation tentacles have also extended to Singapore and India.

Jay Hsueh, head of GARAOTUS and Chief of Cloud Architecture of SYSTEX, said: "During the epidemic, research in the medical field has attracted worldwide attention, and the HPC computing equipment and overall solutions required for huge genomics analytics are used in life sciences, disease prevention, and innovative treatments. Has demonstrated its importance, because any top basic scientific research often needs to obtain sufficient data and verification through models before it can be transformed into clinical research and application. The Chinese University of Hong Kong has a world-class research team. This time GARAOTUS has the opportunity to work with local partners in Hong Kong to introduce the solution of Genomics Analytics as a Service, use HPC technology to help the Chinese University of Hong Kong improve computing performance, greatly optimize the research process, combined with the rich experience of the professional research team of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and after a long period to the training of AI model, I believe that in the future, it can be applied at the service layer to show more powerful analysis capabilities. In addition, with the visualization and quick-go interface of GARAOTUS Cloud Platform, researchers can also reduce the technical burden, concentrate on research, and accelerate the finding results "

Jay Hsueh, head of GARAOTUS, has been responsible for two TOP 500 HPCs in Taiwan, as well as more than 30 HPC planning, design, and construction experience. He specializes in the integration of HPC and Cloud Computing architecture, and so that Cloud Computing has the high-performance computing power of HPC. The GARAOTUS technical team has also been working in the HPC field for more than 10 years. In addition to providing enterprise infrastructure network construction, in recent years, it has also actively cooperated with experts and scholars in various fields to integrate and provide cloud services from the basic layer. (IaaS), the platform layer (PaaS) to the service layer (SaaS) of GARAOTUS's solution, through the advantages of vertical integration, GARAOTUS Cloud Platform can help different industries to accelerate the efficiency of the application.

GARAOTUS's solution structure is quite diverse and inclusive, which covers many applications of open source technology. OpenInfra Days Asia is an organization composed of techs from all over the world who are enthusiastic about the development of open source technology. It is one of the large forums launched across six countries. The GARAOTUS team has played a pivotal role in open source organizations for many years. On September 11, 2021, OpenInfra Days Asia will gather experts and scholars from six countries including Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. GARAOTUS is not only invited to participate on behalf of Taiwan but is also expected to publish precision medicine that how to combine genomics research with open source technology. In addition, GARAOTUS will also show how to adapt the container technologies into the WRF model to predict the research results of the field of Atmospheric Science, hoping to promote it to those who are interested in open source technology, and further communicate with advanced technologies across Asia Learn from each other. For more event information, please contact