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AI4SG Award of SYSTEX Works Together with Startups for the Sustainable Future of ESG

To encourage IT workers to solve social, environmental and economic problems through technology so as to promote common social good, SYSTEX sponsored the “Actions Intelligence for Social Good Award, AI4SG Award.” By sponsoring grants, and assisting in marketing and business cooperation, SYSTEX works together with startups or organizations to bring positive influences to the society.  SYSTEX has obtained the “Tech for Social Good” Prize in the fifth PwC CSR Impact Award in 2021 for its efforts and investments in AI4SG Award program.

The chairman of SYSTEX Frank Lin said, “No matter how technology had developed, what we desire more is common social good. AI4SG Award starts from the idea “Tech for Social Good”, and expand and deepen the social impact and bring more positive changes to the society through the technology. We hope to share the concept “Help the Helpers” to encourage tech starups to do something good for society with their tech expertise. Besides, we will keep fostering outstanding talents in software field. Strengthening Taiwan software ecosystem is regarded as our primary corporate social responsibility.”