AI+ Generator Program ( the “AGP” hereinafter) is a market expanding program designed for the startups in the AI field ( the “AI startups” hereinafter). AGP focuses on the marketability and international potentials of AI startups’ products and assists AI startups in linking up with domestic and international resources and industries, accelerating the prove of value and go to market process.

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Mentor resources from more than 50 industry veterans
More than 30,000 domestic and international clients
AI+ Lab computing platform and technical support
More than 50 industry partners within the AI ecosystem

Startups We Have mentored


Technology Co., Ltd. (the “AIWin” hereinafter) is an AI startup which specializes in deep learning and image identification solutions, possessing AI image identification technologies and deep learning algorithm which were completely independently developed. In spite of the profound AI technology and know-how, AIWin wasn’t able to have more accesses to prospect clients due to the lack of marketing channels. After joining AGP, with the help from SYSTEX sales team and the connection with business clients, AIWin has redefined its target customers and business model. Till now, AIWin has successfully imported its AI image identification technology into the quality examination of golf ball, enabling the surface defects examination of ball bodies more efficiently. In the future, AIWin plans to import associated technology to SYSTEX’s clients in other industries. Besides, SYSTEX thinks high of the excellent technical capability of AIWin and invests more in it. SYSTEX and AIWin will benefit from the mutual complementary advantages and work together to expand markets in the future.


Technology Inc. (the “3Egreen” hereinafter) is a professional team which specializes in the management of electricity utilization. It devotes itself to assisting clients in "electricity saving", "the safety of electricity utilization" and "predictive maintenance" with data analysis. By changing companies’ behaviors of electricity consumption, the targets of saving costs, energy saving and being eco-friendly can be fulfilled. The Green Meter System developed by 3Egreen features innovation, lightness, handiness, extremely easy installation and competitive prices etc., helping corporate clients who have been afflicted with electricity utilization management and had high power consumption for a long time. For example, the 7-11 logistics center in Thailand has imported and adopted this program. After joining AGP, 3Egreen cooperates with SYSTEX’s clients with smart manufacture and smart retail teams, developing potential clients together. Also, 3Egreen actively strives for POC opportunities, promptly deploying its Green Meter System to the fields of factories and retail channels.

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