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  • Innovative development of the “Smart Screening Instrument for Sarcopenia” helps reduce the burden on

    Innovative development of the “Smart Screening Instrument for Sarcopenia” helps reduce the burden on medical care and improve service quality

    With the advent of an aging society, “Sarcopenia” has been identified as one of the main causes of elderly disability and the risk of falls. In order to enable the elderly to detect symptoms early so to reduce the burden of medical care, SYSPOWER, a subsidiary of SYSTEX Group, has developed successfully the world’s first set of “Smart Screening instrument for Sarcopenia”. This instrument is in response to the needs of hospitals, combined with the professional knowledge as well as guidance of doctors, and is developed with ultrasound. It equips with standard medical image transmission protocols (DICOM) and can replace the current method that medical staffs are using with code tables or the traditional measurement methods. It provides medical staffs with more diversified interpretation basis as well. People can also easily understand their physical fitness status, and can do training for strengthening or to take treatment earlier so to reach the purpose of preventive medical treatment.
  • “Citizen Card App” creates a smart life experience and an intelligent city that satisfies both citiz

    “Citizen Card App” creates a smart life experience and an intelligent city that satisfies both citizens and businesses

    Several years ago, a city in Taiwan began to face challenges of the transformation of traditional industries, the enhancement of public services, the balance between urban and rural areas etc. In order to realize the vision of a smart city at the same time, this city actively cooperated with SYSTEX who has rich experience in digital transformation services, to create the “Citizen Card App” which contains a number of services convenient to citizens. In response to the needs of citizens emerged in recent years, “Citizen Card App” now also provides the functions such as integrated payment, platform for block chain bonus points and integrated marketing system for stores so to create smart and innovative services that satisfy the demands from citizens to businesses.
    Over the years of cooperation, SYSTEX’s achievements in assisting the city’s digital transformation are obvious for all to see. The city was recognized as the world’s TOP1 smart city in 2019, and SYSTEX is proud of it. In the future, SYSTEX will continue to be as “people-oriented” and use more user-friendly technologies to assist government agencies to enhancing the quality of public services.

  • Transparency of production lines in major textile factory together with upgrading of raw materials m

    Transparency of production lines in major textile factory together with upgrading of raw materials management, has reduced operation time from 2 hours to 10 seconds

    The textile company who is ranked as top 1 of market share in Taiwan, entrusted SYSTEX to assist in the introduction of the process management system for raw materials and finished products. SYSTEX conducted systematic planning and analysis as the first step, prioritized the definition of information sources, and customized 44 programs to meet the needs of the customer's SOW (Statement of Work) as well. During the system test and acceptance phase, SYSTEX professional teams were on standby all the time to assist in solving emergencies. After the system was introduced, this customer successfully controlled the production records and significantly reduced labor costs. In the future, SYSTEX will continue to provide the customer with more cloud services, such as strengthening the introduction of AI technology, realizing the vision of smart manufacturing, and continuing to gain ahead of opportunities and maintain the stable market position in the future textile market.
  • Taking action on IT for anti-epidemic now! The Cloud Virtual office helped enterprises quickly start

    Taking action on IT for anti-epidemic now! The Cloud Virtual office helped enterprises quickly start the BCP project

    A large global factory for IC foundry found a demand for flexible office due to the establishment of a factory many years ago, and entrusted SYSTEX to assist in the introduction of “Cloud Virtual Office” as the solution to assist in fast deployment, flexible expansion, rapid migration, and save huge purchase expenses on hardware. While facing the global outbreak of Coronavirus epidemic, this company utilized the experience of importing cloud virtual offices to immediately start the BCP (Business Continuity Planning) project, and completed the virtual office configuration within a few hours, enabling most employees to work at home or work in long distance from office to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • NEXCOM, the first Industry 4.0 demonstration factory in Taiwan, invited STSTEX to establishing a QC

    NEXCOM, the first Industry 4.0 demonstration factory in Taiwan, invited STSTEX to establishing a QC Big Data platform as part of this factory

    NEXCOM Co., Ltd., who is committed to becoming a provider of overall solutions for industry 4.0, built the first industry 4.0 demonstration factory in Taiwan in 2018 that showed its ability accumulated in 7 years. NEXCOM’s long-term partner SYSTEX also participated in this event. Through the “Tableau”, which is the data analysis platform that connects the major operation systems of the NEXCOM in “Situation Room” so that NEXCOM does not need to customize the new programming codes repeatedly. The management team can understand thoroughly the key indicators of daily operations through the dynamically adjusted data charts. It took only three months by collaboration of both parties to complete the establishment of difficult QC big data platform afterwards, that increased the capacity of each production line by 13-20% compared to the old factory.
  • Grab the big pie of business opportunity! SYSTEX assisted E-Ticket company to enter the mobile payme

    Grab the big pie of business opportunity! SYSTEX assisted E-Ticket company to enter the mobile payment market

    The penetration rate of mobile payment hits the new high record year after year. In order to provide a more comprehensive payment solution, a well-known electronic ticket system company in Taiwan decided to launch a mobile payment tool. In order to complete the establishment of system as soon as possible, this company entrusted SYSTEX, who has professional services to build payment environment, for assistance. SYSTEX provided the aid with expected service level to the customer and completed the system test in just six months. Moreover, this mobile payment tool attracted 10,000 registrations in three hours right after its launch, allowing users able to use the tool to carry out convenient functions such as riding a vehicle, QR Code scanning payment and receiving payment, applying for a virtual membership card and daily life payment.

  • Securities firms introduced AI algorithm trading system to enhance investment efficiency.jpg

    Securities firms introduced AI algorithm trading system to enhance investment efficiency

    Taiwan Stock Exchange fully implemented the “Continuous Trading System” starting from March 23, 2020. In order to continue engage in various trading strategies, securities firms have to invest higher costs in developing trading strategies and upgrading computer facilities. SYSTEX has been deeply involved in Financial Information Services in Taiwan for many years and has accumulated a large amount of data that can be used for analysis by AI, and can quickly judge the characteristics of the securities market and formulate the calculation logic of the algorithm system. Through algorithms, it can assist securities firms to determine trading strategies and execute the placement of real-time automatic orders, help reduce cost impacts, enhance operation efficiency, reduce labor costs, increase portfolio income, and improve the overall service quality of securities firms.
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    AI Security Recued the Information Security Crisis of Aviation Industry, Anti-Virus and Anti-Hacking to Reinforce Its Threat Protection

    The client in aviation industry whose internal system was invaded by Ransomware was incapable of reading confidential data since it was encrypted. After understanding the circumstance, the information security experts from SYSTEX supported to control the affected area right away, then clear the polluted files and finally rebuild the system, making sure the information environment was operating normally. Meanwhile, we offered a solution of “Smart Information Security Acquisition System” – AI Security- to acquire all the internal and external data packets and to analyze hidden active behaviors. After the behavior pattern of each device was established, the data law was observed with “Machine Learning” technology and exceptional devices were spotted so as to curb initial threats. With AI Security, the client was able to greatly simplify the complicated process of survey and acquisition when encountering occasional information security incidents. “The prevention of information security crisis” was able to be achieved with minimal human resource.
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    Strive for FinTech with Four Steps! SYSTEX Assisted a Centurial Bank in Digital Transformation

    The wave of finance technology was coming so powerfully that the only centurial private bank in Taiwan had to endeavor for digital transformation. However due to its limited human resources in finance and IT, the promotion of digital transformation seemed to be beset with numerous difficulties. SYSTEX was an important IT partner of this bank, and once assisted it in establishing core basic engineering for its clearing center. During the course of digital transformation, SYSTEX spared no efforts to help this bank upgrade step by step, such as the construction of digital saving accounts, online transfer, mobile payment and tax payment, online loans and financing services and so on. As a result, this bank was awarded “the Best FinTech Service Bank” by Global Views Monthly in 2019, the best journal brand devoting itself to reporting on knowledge and management in Taiwan.
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    Introducing AI Face Recognition, International Top-tier Manufacturing Company Enhances Factory Security and Optimizes Internal Management

    There were thousands of people in and out the client’s plant every day, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and outside visitors included. Even though the company assigned designated personnel to exclusively take care of visitor registration and identity check, it still couldn’t avoid the risk of access permits outflow. People with bad intentions might sneak in when the staff in charge wasn’t paying attention, which greatly troubled the top management of this factory. SYSTEX, after understanding the client’s needs, suggested adapting the application of AI face identification. Through the precise AI identification of facial features, anyone accessing could be identified immediately. What’s more, with two-factor authentication, accesses to highly confidential areas could be strictly controlled. AI face identification, at the same time, could also precisely manage employee attendance records and the checkout procedure at employee’s cafeteria. Safety level of the client’s workplace was enhanced overall while internal management process became more favorable and convenient.
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    Global Dealers Management Solutions for Price Inquiry and Negotiation Done in 10 Seconds

    This client is a public listed company in Taiwan mainly manufacturing industrial PCs and automatic identification scanners, most of whose products were exported to Europe and Americas. As a result, it had a lot of overseas dealers. After the visit and interviews, SYSTEX observed that the client faced the problem of inefficient daily performance, such as bad communications between employees, information deviation within respective departments, prolix operation process, all of which resulted in insufficient performance and even work delay. In turn, it impacted on price inquiries and quotations responded to dealers. With tailored planning, SYSTEX introduced a global dealer management solution for the client, inclusive of the administrative rules for products, sales, and orders. In the meantime, we assisted in integrating ERP purchase order as well as managing the delivery and cost platform of the factory. We helped to solve the inefficient issues about inquiries, quotations, order placements, manufacture, and cost management.
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    A Large Department Store in Taiwan Created New Experience of Store Marketing with hks+iBeacon

    A specific large department store in Taiwan inputted a big amount of budget in off-line marketing campaigns at the store every year, in the hope of increasing the length of consumers’ stay and boost up purchase intentions. And yet, the derivative giveaways couldn’t be controlled effectively and poor exchanging problems emerged. SYSTEX introduced the marketing module combining mobile preferential app “hks”, featuring SYSTEX’s self-developed Location-Based Service (LBS), with iBeacon into the store for location marketing. Precise advertisement releases appealed consumers to enjoy better shopping experience so as to extend their staying time and push up the shopping intentions and gift exchanging efficiency. The promotional pattern of store in department store successfully led the trend, turning into the best example of integrating the real and virtual retail channels.