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    Advantech and SYSTEX Announce New Intel Select Solutions for Genomics Analytics, Targeting the Fast-Growing Genomics Market

    [June 18, 2020] Advancements in genomics are opening new doors for understanding human diseases. However, genomics sequencing generates hundreds of petabytes of data per year, it needs big data technology to accelerate deployment.

    Now, SYSTEX is collaborating with Advantech, offers architecture design, delivery, and training services through the Intel Select Solutions for Genomics Analytics, accelerating the deployment progress for genomics analytics.

    To fulfill the requirement of genomics analytics, SYSTEX’s HPC management platform, GAIA, provides the superior performance for the jobs like Genome Sequencing through HPC with AI framework workflow. Also, medical image recognition learning tasks can be accomplished through cloud computing design.

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    [Business Next] A Solid Foundation of Industry Applications and Client Reliance! SYSTEX Creates “AI + Generator" To Help Startups Expand Business Opportunities

    SYSTEX believes that artificial intelligence will affect all industries, especially in fields that SYSTEX is already adept in across the Straits and the world, such as telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, government, education, tourism, logistics and biomedicine. As a result, they have formulated an artificial intelligence strategy development plan (AI + Plan), in order to focus on industry applications. SYSTEX has also established the AGP (AI + Generator Program). Richard Tang, SYSTEX Asia-Pacific Telecom Division General Manager, emphasized that AGP is different from general enterprise accelerator programs. It is a non-profit, public welfare program, differentiated from the usual accelerator or incubation center. AGP doesn’t get involved in buying startup shares or in fundraising, growth, or presentation training courses required by startups. Instead, AGP focuses on new ventures that have developed products and services created using artificial intelligence technology, and startups whose business models have been assessed as having scaling opportunities, and then gives these startups market-matching and the resources to set their sights internationally.
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    SYSTEX Independently Developed NLP Combining with RPA and OCR to Build Intellectual Fintech Robot “Robelf”

    Succeeding the first fintech service on social networking of AI on Line “Mega Financial Secretary” in Taiwan, SYSTEX, who had been devoted to the financial information services for years, cooperated again with Mega Securities and introduced “Robelf”, the first reception and fintech robot in securities industry of Taiwan.
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    SYSTEX Launched Fresh-Food-Box Kiosk and Intelligent & interactive Vending Machines with Big Screen, Adopted by the Second Tech-Approach Concept Store of Family Mart

    Responding to the manpower shortage in retail and service industries and the changes of channel operation patterns, SYSTEX dedicating to intellectual retailing, introduced two new intellectual kiosks combining technology with data management platform: Fresh-Food-Box Kiosk and Intelligent & Interactive Vending Machine with Big Screen. The Second Tech-Approach Concept Store of Family Mart took the lead to adopt both of them!

    Intelligent & Interactive Vending Machine with Big Screen developed by SYSTEX could store goods no matter in normal temperature or in refrigerated. The hyper-large 50” screen along with intellectual sensor, therefore it can broadcast a proper marketing commercials to consumers, serving as the best promotional billboard at the store. Besides, consumers could order product by softly touching on screen and pay with multi-payment systems with another Fresh-Food-Box Kiosk, completely doing it by themselves. It’ was also connected with the POS system at the counters of channels, which automatically integrated the daily revenue of Fresh-Food-Box Kiosk into the POS system to reduce the labor of checking store revenue on a daily basis.
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    Mobile Ordering by Pepper, Reservation via AI. Exclusive Debut of SYSTEX and Perobot’s “Intelligent Restaurant” Solution

    SYSTEX Corporation worked hand in hand with Perobot, the expert of robot and automatic services, to launch the service application solutions “Intelligent Restaurant” integrating virtual and real service process. The entire virtual and real services included reserving via AI Chat Robots, checking in assisted by Pepper Robot on the spot, mobile ordering at tables as well as combining with such multiple payment systems as LINE Pay.. All of these services assisted restaurants to streamline the processes, created brand-new serving experiences, and realized the AI digitalized transformation for enterprise customers.

    SYSTEX carried out the domain knowledge accumulated by devoting in industries for years with the combination of the expertise in software development. Based on the cooperation with Perobot, SYSTEX introduced the innovative application service “Intelligent Restaurant”, offering consumers fantastic experiences and gathering consumers’ information such as their characteristics, ordering preferences and so on. Furthermore, AI Communication System could be used not only for reservations at restaurants but also for customized development according to different serving scenarios of diverse industries, such as appointments for medical clinics, the purchases of THSR and movie tickets etc.
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    Favored by Thai 7-Eleven and Tokyu Corporation. Eight AI Innovations Selected by SYSTEX AGP2

    To assist the focused industries of AI innovation and speed up the world-class application landing, the AI+ Generator Program (AGP) of SYSTEX CORPORATION selected eight AI innovations containing great potentials at AGP2 in the beginning of this June succeeding the first AGP1 last year in which they supported five AI innovative enterprises to expand the international market. In addition to radiant successful cases, these teams also possessed the ability of planning and implementing to go global. For instance, certain teams successfully convinced such international customers as the distribution center of Thai 7-Eleven and Tokyu Corporation of their exclusive R&D solutions, an outstanding achievement.

    AGP is more than an incubator or an accelerator. Instead of the premise that SYSTEX invested these innovating enterprises, the development project which combined external and internal resources from SYSTEX supported the conjunction of AI innovations and customers from various industries and speeded up the verification of internationalized market. It was SYSTEX’s responsibility to foster promising innovative enterprises for going global. AGP’s selection process and criteria for AI innovative enterprises featured “strict selection but not open audition.” Before accepting the applications, SYSTEX would clearly understand the product characteristics, the competitive advantages, the attributes of target customers, the region of target markets and how AGP would support them in their expectation through several conversations, which ensured AGP’s real supports on AI innovations.
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    Personally Experienced by 1500 People. Application Scenarios for More Than Fifty Industries. SYSTEX Corporation Appeals Partners in the Ecosphere to Initiate to Initiate “Enable DX with AI”, the AI Digitalized Transformation.

    SYSTEX Corporation hosted the trends forum “Enabling DX, Empowering AI for Social Good” along with the application exhibition, inviting international and local partners belonging to digital ecosphere to take part in it. More than fifty types situational experience with AI applications were exhibited. The exhibition attracted approximately 1,500 people from more than 600 enterprises. Meanwhile, SYSTEX invited Mr. Ken Sun, the General Manager of Microsoft Taiwan, the leader of global AI technology R&D, and Dr. Lan Du, the Senior Vice President of iFlytel Co., Ltd. to lecture keynote speeches.

    For the first time, SYSTEX awarded AI4SG prize (AI for Social Good) to encourage the organizations or persons that were positively contributed to the society with data application science and AI associated technology. SYSTEX also looked forward to gaining more resources invested to strive for the digital transformation in future glorious new world.

    Frank Lin, the General Manager of SYSTEX Corporation, indicated, “The evolution of technology has gone beyond our imagination so as to drive the rapid changes in the world. The definition of industry has been broken while enterprises sense the pressure of changing and moving forward. Only with connection to share resources, innovate business models and expand market borders can enterprises foresee future opportunities and risks; however, knowing how to use the data asset from enterprises, integrating the crossover software of 5A (Application, Mobile Application, API, Appliance, Algorithm) and data enable enterprises to create the second growth curve, actually helping enterprises set correct growing direction.”
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    SYSTEX Signs Cooperation Agreement with Siemens, Accelerates Taiwan’s Digital Transformation

    SYSTEX has signed a cooperation agreement with Siemens, becoming the first Taiwanese vendor to promote the cloud-based IoT open operating system, MindSphere. SYSTEX will work with Siemens to provide digital transformation services and help Taiwanese enterprises implement smart manufacturing. In addition to deepening the cooperative relationship between the two parties, the formal signing of the cooperation agreement also officially announced that SYSTEX has become a MindSphere partner, providing commercial, technical, marketing and marketing supports to assist in establishing successful MindSphere IIoT services and solutions. In addition, Siemens and SYSTEX will work together to promote the development of smart factories.

    As one example, SYSTEX has assisted the Taiwanese machine tool maker, Leadermac Machinery, to implement the Siemens MindSphere platform. Through cloud data analysis and proprietary applications, it collects machine tool data to understand tool wear rates and information about optimal maintenance times. This extends after-sales service to customers, and is a successful example of the value-added implementation of IoT data.
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    SYSTEX Joins Hands with Leading Global AI Development Companies to Create Great Experiences, Help Taiwan Businesses Move Toward Business 4.0

    Gathering 40 AI ecosystem partners to showcase AI application scenarios in 30 industries, SYSTEX invited global leading AI R&D partners, such as IBM, Microsoft, SAP, AWS, SenseTime, iFlytek, the ITRI, Advantech and other companies, to the “AI4IA Application Exhibition and Trend Forum". This event jointly showcased the latest AI development and practical applications, specifically demonstrating how to embed AI into real business services and everyday life. More than a thousand VIPs from various industries gathered to experience how the world is changing together.

    Frank Lin, SYSTEX President and CEO, said, “From the internet age of enterprise 1.0, to the mobile age of 2.0, then the cloud with 3.0, we are now moving toward enterprise 4.0. The key to making enterprise 4.0 happen will be using AI to create second-growth curves for businesses, which will be the core capacity that drives whether companies are able to transform and continue growing over the next decade. In order to advance businesses in Taiwan to apply AI, SYSTEX strategically allied with global leaders in AI technology, introducing trained AI into industry-specific business processes and service environments. This provides excellent user experience design, deepens business application software, and creates new value for innovation for both inside and outside the companies.
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    SYSTEX Partners with Pepper to Enter the Humanoid Robot Services Market

    Optimistic about the robot service market development, Taiwan’s leading information services enterprise SYSTEX (TSE: 6214) has officially partnered with Pepper’s agency perobot to introduce Pepper to the enterprise customers in Taiwan. In addition to the most widely used standardized services such as services introduction, guest welcoming, information dissemination, and fun activities; SYSTEX has invested major resources to obtain the development certification for Pepper in order to accelerate the industrial innovation application development, exert the advantages of robots, and manage the complex background data work while helping to simplify the consumption processes, create new consumer experiences, and enable digital transformation for enterprise customers. At present, SYSTEX has partnered with some retail circulation industry customers to develop exclusive application services, and is expected to showcase more diversified Pepper service scenarios during the second half of the year.
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    SYSTEX Summoned 50 Data Ecosphere Partners to Organize the “Digital Transformation Exhibition"

    SYSTEX Group held the “Digital Transformation Exhibition" today (11th) and summoned 50 data ecosphere partners from the finance, retail circulation, and news media fields to integrate the cross-border, cross-domain, and cross-industry technological applications. The exhibition showcased 30 types of innovative and value-added data application services such as account networking applications, financial management robots, smart hotels, all-channel all-payment retail scenarios, C2C installment payment platforms, and cross-border electricity supplier services that represent the diversified appearances of digital transformations for different industries.

    The general manager of SYSTEX, Frank Lin, indicated that, “The world’s transformation is accelerating and increasing. The new digital economic ecology from IT information to DT data as well as the traditional business models are constantly being overturned and and flipped. There is no definite game rule, and this poses both challenges and opportunities to enterprises. Therefore, companies must build and learn how to use data to ‘create experiences’ and ‘manage behaviors’ in order to become winners in the future. SYSTEX has been recognized as the best strategic partner for enterprise ‘digital transformation,’ and will invest more resources into the application integration services for the financial, new retail, and telecommunications streaming media fields in the future.
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    SYSTEX Partners with Far Eastern Group to Establish an O2O Retail Ecosphere

    The leading domestic information services enterprise, SYSTEX (TSE: 6214), and the Far Eastern Group have partnered to create convenient shopping services via the Far Eastern friDay wallet built-in “Small Market Shopping" platform that enables users to easily select good quality products or gifts. Users can enter the recipient’s smart phone number, and after the recipient has opened the SMS notification, the recipient can open the friDay Wallet APP and go to > ‘Personal’ > ‘My Gift Box’ to receive the gift. The gift can be exchanged within 50 days in a physical store using the corresponding coupon bar code. As of now, SYSTEX has helped 14 food retail brands in the industry to join the platform as product providers. A total of over 276 product items are available, and they can be exchanged at 718 physical stores.