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    Mark Chang, Chief Strategy Officer at GARAOTUS, draws a new model for HPC (High-Performance Computing) to help industrial transformation

    GARAOTUS is a world-leading provider of HPC (High-Performance Computing) technology services. By 2021, it had been awarded the IIA International Innovation Award by the Asian Enterprise Organization, and it's also the first company to be recognized for its HPC innovation technology. In addition, Genomics Analytics Process as a Service (GAPaaS), developed by GARAOTUS, has been adopted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and a world-class genomic medicine laboratory in India for NGS analysis.
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    GARAOTUS won the "2021 IIA International Innovation Award" by the Enterprise Asia

    GARAOTUS, a cloud service brand of SYSTEX Group, was awarded the 2021 IIA International Innovation Awards (IIA) organized by Enterprise Asia, and also was the first winner which specializes in HPC technology among the previous winners. GARAOTUS was selected as one of the Top 10 HPC companies in Asia by APAC CIO Outlook magazine in 2020. Next, GARAOTUS has won the IIA award for its cloud platform which was integrated AI and HPC technologies in 2021.

    The "IIA International Innovation Award", which contestants cover the United States, Germany, Finland, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other countries. The jury is composed of international professionals, and institutional support and future market size are the selection criteria. In 2021, there are more than 260 entries in the world, and only 52 companies were awarded. Among them, GARAOTUS team features its integrated HPC, Cloud Computing, AI, and Containerization technologies, and provides the "GARAOTUS Cloud Platform" that delivers overall solutions from IaaS, PaaS to SaaS. And become the first winner which expertise by its HPC technologies in the "Service & Solution" category as well.

    Jay Hsueh, head of the GARAOTUS team, said: "GARAOTUS Cloud Platform, combined into the powerful HPC cloud computing power,
    and also integrates the know-how from scientists to create service-layer. The new Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) standard process, tailor-made "Genomics Precision Process" platform, through the cloud-native concept, combined with HPC and AI, allows users to accelerate the results faster. "

    GARAOTUS team has more than a decade of vertical integration technical experience in the HPC field, has built three Top 500 supercomputers worldwide, and has obtained certifications from many international groups including Intel and Red Hat. In addition to the capabilities of the platform layer, it provides an easy-to-manage user interface, which can assist experts and researchers in the field of precision medicine to conduct experimental processes and workflow more quickly and easily.

    Jay Hsueh, head of the GARAOTUS team, pointed out, "How to effectively carry out cross-domain integration is the key to success for future enterprises, and GARAOTUS' cloud platform has the ability to integrate AI, HPC, cloud computing, and containerization. In 2022, GARAOTUS will cooperate with the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, except to donate over USD 2 million, GARAOTUS Cloud Platform for the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, to enhance its research abilities, also establish the industry-university program for the biomedical industry to deepen the connection between the two sides, and create cooperation benefits.”
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    SYSTEX announces 2021 batch of 8 SaaS Startups, Jointly Pursuing the Digital Transformation Needs in Post-Pandemic Era

    To expand the software ecosystem of Taiwan, the fourth batch of “AI+ Generator Program of SYSTEX Corporation selected eight startups with high potentials of international development. Amongst them, “Giftpack”, is an on-demand gifting service that enables sending gifts across the globe with the help of AI data analytics. In addition to saving gift givers 95% of the time on choosing gifts, the service satisfies 92% of gift receivers. “Chimes AI”, providing an NCDP (No-Code Development Platform) to develop AI models, assists multinational manufacturers with completing AI projects in merely three days while improving the reliability of equipment. “Authme” focuses on identity authentication methods with AI to against fraud attacks. It helps drastically shorten the traditional time to “Know Your Customer”, and make the online financial services compliant and rigorous.  SYSTEX and Authme have jointly introduced its solutions into major domestic insurance companies, to satisfy high compliancy in financial sector.

    The AGP teams this batch range from fields such as fintech, marketing, manufacturing and entertainment. Based on the characteristics of the selected teams, SYSTEX will assist them in connecting with the clients SYSTEX has served, and help to expand both domestic and international territories.

    The COO of SYSTEX AGP, Alice Ling, stated, “AGP in the post-pandemic era will focus on SaaS-based AI startups. Both B2B and B2C business models can take advantage of these innovative SaaS applications, and end-users could benefit from these high efficiency and automation solutions easier. SaaS service model is an international trend, which enables teams to promptly find their international partners and accelerate business development in overseas market.”

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    SYSTEX Group Donated Genomics Analytics Process as a Service (GAPaaS) total solution powered by GARAOTUS to NYCU

    To strengthen the industry-academia collaboration with NYCU (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University), SYSTEX Group donated the total solution for GAPaaS with GARAOTUS Cloud Platform worth as much as USD $2.5 million to the College of Biological Science and Technology (CBT) of NYCU. GARAOTUS, a brand of SYSTEX group, being the world-leading GAPaaS (Genomics Analytics as a Service) solution provider,  SYSTEX group donate the integrated HPC computing architecture of international class and professional service to establish a world-class genetic analysis laboratory for NYCU. This collaboration enhances the research efficacy and result integration and further offers the Master Program of Engineering and Computational Biomedicine in CBT to foster cross-border biomedical talents of the international level.

    Different from the functions of traditional information architecture, Genomics Analytics Process as a Service (GAPaaS) with GARAOTUS Cloud Platform includes the programming language compliant to international regulations and standard procedures, and also integrated the HPC cloud computing architecture, which speeds up the analysis of impacts of unknown viruses or diseases on genes. It’s expected to involve in the research of human genes in the future and assists scientists in studying and identifying the impacts of unknown viruses or diseases on humans in the hope of finding solutions in the shortest period.
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    AI4SG Award of SYSTEX Works Together with Startups for the Sustainable Future of ESG

    To encourage IT workers to solve social, environmental and economic problems through technology so as to promote common social good, SYSTEX sponsored the “Actions Intelligence for Social Good Award, AI4SG Award.” By sponsoring grants, and assisting in marketing and business cooperation, SYSTEX works together with startups or organizations to bring positive influences to the society.  SYSTEX has obtained the “Tech for Social Good” Prize in the fifth PwC CSR Impact Award in 2021 for its efforts and investments in AI4SG Award program.

    The chairman of SYSTEX Frank Lin said, “No matter how technology had developed, what we desire more is common social good. AI4SG Award starts from the idea “Tech for Social Good”, and expand and deepen the social impact and bring more positive changes to the society through the technology. We hope to share the concept “Help the Helpers” to encourage tech starups to do something good for society with their tech expertise. Besides, we will keep fostering outstanding talents in software field. Strengthening Taiwan software ecosystem is regarded as our primary corporate social responsibility.”
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    SYSTEX Software is Certified by Azure Expert MSP of Microsoft

    SYSTEX Software, a subsidiary of SYSTEX Corporation, has officially obtained the certification of Azure Expert MSP (Managed Service Provider), the highest standard technology of Microsoft. It’s also the first certified company of Azure Expert MSP in Taiwan, in which Microsoft newly added the audit item Cloud Adoption Framework this year. It’s proved that SYSTEX Software has the ability to offer the complete guide service which conforms to the high professional international standards certified by Microsoft in terms of consulting, cloud architecture design, migration, application service optimization, cloud management and security services. SYSTEX Software is sure to help business clients achieve their business targets.

    There are 30% staff of the entire team in SYSTEX Software engage in cloud technology, specializing in the fields including Azure, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Data and AI. Among them, more than 20 certified experts specializing in solutions can assist clients in planning the most suitable IT applications  for future development and operation. With the MSP qualification obtained, SYSTEX Software becomes one of the hundred cooperative partners certified around the world. SYSTEX Software, who has the qualifications of cooperative partners distributorship, has worked closely with Microsoft Taiwan for a long term. Among the qualifications, LSP (Licensing Solution Partner) assists multinational corporations in Volume Licensing while CSP (Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider) meets the business requirements of modern cloud.
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    GARAOTUS forward to Hong Kong and provide the solution of Genomics Analytics as a Service which improves academic institutes’ HPC computing performance and innovative medical research and development

    To expanding the cloud service ecosystem, GARAOTUS, a cloud service brand of SYSTEX Group, joined with local partners in Hong Kong to provide the solution of GARAOTUS Genomics Analytics As a Service into the research of life sciences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and which the use of HPC (High-Performance Computing) technology to maximize resources and accelerate the development to develop disease prevention and innovative treatments, and contribute to human well-being. In the future, GARAOTUS plan to replicate this model of cooperation to medical research institutions around the world, and GARAOTUS's current cooperation tentacles have also extended to Singapore and India.

    Jay Hsueh, head of GARAOTUS and Chief of Cloud Architecture of SYSTEX, said: "During the epidemic, research in the medical field has attracted worldwide attention, and the HPC computing equipment and overall solutions required for huge genomics analytics are used in life sciences, disease prevention, and innovative treatments. Has demonstrated its importance, because any top basic scientific research often needs to obtain sufficient data and verification through models before it can be transformed into clinical research and application. The Chinese University of Hong Kong has a world-class research team. This time GARAOTUS has the opportunity to work with local partners in Hong Kong to introduce the solution of Genomics Analytics as a Service, use HPC technology to help the Chinese University of Hong Kong improve computing performance, greatly optimize the research process, combined with the rich experience of the professional research team of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and after a long period to the training of AI model, I believe that in the future, it can be applied at the service layer to show more powerful analysis capabilities. In addition, with the visualization and quick-go interface of GARAOTUS Cloud Platform, researchers can also reduce the technical burden, concentrate on research, and accelerate the finding results "

    Jay Hsueh, head of GARAOTUS, has been responsible for two TOP 500 HPCs in Taiwan, as well as more than 30 HPC planning, design, and construction experience. He specializes in the integration of HPC and Cloud Computing architecture, and so that Cloud Computing has the high-performance computing power of HPC. The GARAOTUS technical team has also been working in the HPC field for more than 10 years. In addition to providing enterprise infrastructure network construction, in recent years, it has also actively cooperated with experts and scholars in various fields to integrate and provide cloud services from the basic layer. (IaaS), the platform layer (PaaS) to the service layer (SaaS) of GARAOTUS's solution, through the advantages of vertical integration, GARAOTUS Cloud Platform can help different industries to accelerate the efficiency of the application.

    GARAOTUS's solution structure is quite diverse and inclusive, which covers many applications of open source technology. OpenInfra Days Asia is an organization composed of techs from all over the world who are enthusiastic about the development of open source technology. It is one of the large forums launched across six countries. The GARAOTUS team has played a pivotal role in open source organizations for many years. On September 11, 2021, OpenInfra Days Asia will gather experts and scholars from six countries including Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. GARAOTUS is not only invited to participate on behalf of Taiwan but is also expected to publish precision medicine that how to combine genomics research with open source technology. In addition, GARAOTUS will also show how to adapt the container technologies into the WRF model to predict the research results of the field of Atmospheric Science, hoping to promote it to those who are interested in open source technology, and further communicate with advanced technologies across Asia Learn from each other. For more event information, please contact
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    The First Fin-Tech Company in Cambodia Collaborated by SYSTEX, SYSTEMWEB And PPDE is Granted the Franchise

    SYSTEX Corporation set another milestone in going global! The joint venture company, Phnom Penh Fintech Investment (PPFI), collaborated by SYSTEX, SYSTEMWEB Technologies and PPDE (Phnom Penh Derivative Exchange) held an online MOU signing ceremony with Securities and Exchange Regulator (SERC) on July 15th 2021. Based on the MOU, the SERC would grant the franchising license to PPFI, anticipating to offer outsourcing services of bond system for bond and trust companies in Cambodia starting this year. It’s the first Fintech company obtaining franchising license in Cambodia. With the innovative financial outsourcing services provided by PPFI, the prosperous development of Cambodian financial market will be accelerated in the future.
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    GARAOTUS, a cloud service brand of SYSTEX, announces atmospheric service architecture (AaaS, Atmospherics as a Service) adopted AI convergence HPC technologies at Computex 2021, which help the research institutes to curb the climate change issue

    GARAOTUS, a cloud service brand of SYSTEX, announced the AaaS (Atmospherics as a Service) solution architecture converged the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and HPC (High-Performance Computing) technologies at the "Computex 2021". GARAOTUS greatly accelerated the cloud computing time and find the results, which assists the world to face the impact of global warming on the environment, as well as the indirect consequences of livelihood issues like water and electricity shortages, and even Including natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. GARAOTUS's goal is to focus on assisting Taiwan in accelerating the development of atmospheric science research and is planning to extend the application of related services to other parts of the APAC region in the future.
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    SYSTEX showcased five self-owned information security solutions at Cybersec 2021

    Entering the post-pandemic era, when remote office and remote conferences have become the new normal for global companies, SYSTEX exhibited for the first time in "Cybersec 2021" the results of cooperation with or technology transfer from information security units of related industry-government-university such as the Institute for Information Industry (III), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC), which integrated SYSTEX accumulated years of front-line information security service experience to create five self-owned solutions for information security.
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    Young Turing Program won the Model Award of the "Global Views Monthly" Corporate Social Responsibility Award

    Focusing on cultivating new generation software talents as the main shaft of corporate social responsibilities, the Young Turing Program (YTP) initiated by SYSTEX was awarded "Outstanding Project-Education Promotion Group Model Award" of the 17th "Global Views Monthly" CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Award.
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    The power of technology can bring positive influence to the society! SYSTEX held the second "AI4SG Award" to encourage innovative technology applications

    The power of technology can bring positive influence to the society! SYSTEX announced the second "Action Intelligence for Social Good Award, AI4SG" award-winning organizations/solutions, including "Hyson Technology", "Cofacts", "AgriWeather", "Sustaihub" and "SENSE Innovation".