AI Cloud

With the growth of IoT devices, the data generates from IoT devices can be foreseeing increasing dramatically. HPC Cloud Computing is a great design for the huge amounts of datasets generate from IoT devices to speed up the data processing outcome. Thus, SYSTEX provides a converged platform with HPC & cloud infrastructure to improve customer's computation efficiency and capital investment, as well as to empower the applications of edge computing, AIoT into customers's value.

GARAOTUS, the brand created for AI cloud integration solution by SYSTEX. 

GARAOTUS, the brand created for AI cloud integration solution by SYSTEX. GARAOTUS targets the demand from Genomic Analytics, Higher-Education & Research Institutes, Big Data processing, and Artificial Intelligence applications with a series of solution packages. The first launched product, GAIA, a data-center class HPC & Cloud management platform certified by Red Hat enabling the digital transformation for organizations.

Moreover, the Information Technology infrastructure is also facing the change of increasing demand for DevOps and microservices. SYSTEX not only provides the consulting service to build up DevOps architecture but also GARAOTUS cloud platform helps IT administrators to manage the services with central monitoring system for hardware, software, and services. Also, GARAOTUS cloud platform is able to manage multi-platforms on the same user interface. Also, a subscription service is available to help customers to maintain the data center as well.