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GARAOTUS focuses on integrating AI and HPC cloud technology to target and lock the fields of genetic engineering as well as atmospheric sciences

SYSTEX launches GARAOTUS, a cloud service brand that integrates high-end technologies such as AI, HPC (High Performance Computing) and cloud. In the future, GARAOTUS will combine with SYSTEX’s service energy and ecosystem resources in the industry cultivated for many years. It will initially target and lock markets in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore as well as regions with high development in Asia, to assist medical organizations and government agencies that require large and fast computing resources such as genetic engineering to accelerate research and development. In the future, it also plans expand its business and services to North America and other regions. At present, it has successfully cooperated with Hong Kong research institutions and Taiwan medical organizations to introduce HPC services.

Jay, the head of the GARAOTUS team, said: "GARAOTUS brings the software technology to the utmost, coupled with international super hardware equipment manufacturers to jointly develop overseas markets. In addition to the field of genetics, atmospheric science and natural disaster prevention and warning that closely related to human life, are also fields that require a lot of image and data analysis, is particularly an emerging blue ocean. Facing the 5G era, GARAOTUS will further deepen the combination of HPC technology and chips, and look forward to collaborating with more international partners to demonstrate the possibility of more differences in HPC technology."

SYSTEX expressed that "Supporting Taiwan’s software industry to enter the international markets is SYSTEX’s commitment to Taiwan software startup teams. The GARAOTUS team owns the leading cloud technology as well as extensive execution experience, and has clear market goals; we connect with international partners externally to build the application ecosystem of HPC and have the ability as well as strength to enter the global markets."