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8 AI startups were selected for SYSTEX AI+ Generator Program


[December 23, 2020] Entering the third year of the AI+ Generator Program (AGP), after more than half a year of selection in 2020, 8 AI startups with international development potential were selected to join the program in late October. All of these startups have dazzling successful cases, as well as the planning and execution results of entering the global market, including "VAR LIVE", which has attracted 1.8 million people around the world to experience its variety of 100% self-developed large-scale VR products; and "FaceHeart", the device that can measure heartbeat and emotional response in 6 seconds without actual contacting subjects, currently being used by digital banks and health care management customers. In the future, SYSTEX will assist in focusing on industry applications based on the individual expansion needs and product features of the selected startups, matching and docking with SYSTEX 30,000 corporate customers, conducting in-depth domestic and overseas market expansion cooperation, and assisting in the development of international AI applications.

AGP is positioned to assist AI startups to focus on industry applications, accelerate product and service implementation, and use SYSTEX ecosystem partner resources to assist startups to enter overseas markets. Since the launch of AGP in 2018, it has now assisted startups to connect with more than 100 corporate customers, and helped many startups successfully obtain their first large-scale projects. In addition, despite the impact of the pandemic in 2020, SYSTEX was still invited to become the first overseas partner of Japan TOPPAN Printing innovative project verification program co-necto. Through remote collaboration, SYSTEX assisted AGP startups to continue paying attention to the Japan market for the preparation of expanding overseas markets post-pandemic. In the future, as SYSTEX expands in Japan and Southeast Asia, AGP startups would gain assistance to move towards the world.